Do-It-yourself Smart Awning System

Revolutionary Anti-Vibration Capabilities for Natural Disaster Areas

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Why Buy the Smart Awning System?

Comparison of Welded vs. Smart Awnings

There is no question that welded awning frames are durable, and the method has been  standard in the awning industry for some time now. However, if awnings could be constructed quickly, be just as strong as welded frames, and more cost effective, why not?  

Our frames have been through rigorous testing to make sure its durability matches welded frames.  Engineer Certified, and 100% Hurricane Irma proven, makes this awning kit far exceed its competitors.   Anti-vibration technology was created to withstand high winds and earthquakes, even N.A.S.A. uses the same technology. 

Smart Awnings Means Versatility

Here is where The Smart Awning System becomes the winner of awning frame choices: 

Adjustable onsite to accommodate the most difficult corners on walls makes The Smart Awning System a winner among awning companies and commercial contractors.  No more stress of welding or measurement mistakes.  It can be relocated and adjusted for transformations to change the style, or add to existing frames. Our Smart Awnings never lose their strength when adjusted or transformed. They are re-usable, and can be lengthened or shortened if necessary.  If it's welded, it needs to go back to the shop for repair.  This can be very expensive if the measurements aren't correct. 

Reduce Shipping Costs

Let's face it: If a welded frame is shipped to any location, you need to haul it with a flat-bed truck at a high cost. Whereas, The Smart Awning System can be shipped partially or completely unassembled for easy transport, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Just quickly assemble onsite and install.  Its so easy, a child can build it with a simple allen wrench! When built onsite you can keep your project within budgeting needs and increase your business by expanding your reach!

Easy Fabric Overlay

Covering the frame is easy using the current methods and supplies in the industry  (lace-down or staple-stitch) also, we've added another easier way without sacrificing quality!  The Smart Awning Sytem was created by awning professionals to eliminate welding dependency.  We found it to be an essential part of our business after 3 years of using our kit for many projects.

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For Commercial or Residential Use

 Small or large project capabilities make the Smart Awning System a go-to awning frame for the Do-It Yourselfers.  Commercial contractors and homeowners alike.

Smart Awning System parts used for assembly.  Quick & Simple to build

Do-It Yourself

Easy to Build 

with no power tools required, makes the Smart awning System a no-brainer.  A simple allen wrench can be used for this project.  Interlocking parts slide into place and secure easily.

Perfect for Restaurant Patios

Add attachments easily by using the modular slots.  Aluminum extrusion has 4 slotted sides, making add-ons like curtains, audio and visual equipment, lighting, fans, or any type of equipment easily accessible and easy to assemble on the frame.

Made In USA

 All parts and raw materials are american sourced. (No tariffs imposed here! ) Be confident that you are supporting the American economy by purchasing your awning frame kit from Canvas Back Awnings.


The New Standard for Building Awnings

Are you limited in shop space?
Do you have problems with welding capabilities?
Would you like to expand your customer base while keeping your overhead low?

The Do-It-Yourself Smart Awning System

  • Lower Cost than Welding
  • Lower Cost to Ship
  • More Flexible Options than Welding
  • Just as Strong as Welding, but Adjustable 
  • Aluminum with Anodized Finish
  • Easy to Build

The Smart Awning System has been hurricane Irma tested, engineer certified, and N.A.S.A. approved parts.  
So if you think this framing system is like the others, it's definitely not!   

Our awning frames have been installed on commercial buildings and residential homes alike, so contact us for your next project!  

Several Modern Styles to Choose, or Custom

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Dear Canvas Back Awnings -

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job designing and installing my awnings.  Not only are they beautiful and suit my building perfectly, they weathered Hurricane Irma unscathed!  I recommend your services 100%!

Best wishes,

Andi Matheny

Andi Matheny Acting Studios

St. Petersburg, Florida

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